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Lachezar Ivanov

I earned my Master of Science in International Business Administration from European University Viadrina, Germany, where I currently pursue a PhD in Marketing.

My research examines how consumers’ innate human nature and biological evolution can be applied to extend our understanding of marketing and advertising. Research interests include gender differences, humor, health communication, and cross-cultural advertising. Nature of research – quantitative, empirical, based on randomized experimental designs. 

Selected publications:

Ivanov, L. (forthcoming). Fundamental motives in advertising: An evolutionary analysis of Super Bowl commercials. Evolutionary Perspectives on Public Relations, Strategic Communication, and Organizational Communication: An Interdisciplinary Conference. (PDF)

Ivanov, L., Buck, J., & Sutherland, R. (2020). The evolution-similarity matrix: An evolutionary psychology perspective on cross-cultural advertising. Innovative Marketing, 16(2). (PDF)

Karpinska-Krakowiak, M., Skowron, L., & Ivanov, L. (2020). “I will start saving natural resources, only when you show me the planet as a person in danger”: The effects of message framing and anthropomorphism on pro-environmental behaviors that are viewed as effortful. Sustainability, 12(14). (PDF)

Ivanov, L., Eisend, M., & Bayon, T. (2019). Gendering conversational humor in advertising: An evolutionary explanation of the effects of spontaneous versus canned humor. International Journal of Advertising, 38(7), 979-999. (PDF)

Ivanov, L., Eisend, M., & Diehl, S. (2019). Lethal versus reproductive disease appeals in preventive health ads: The moderating effects of life history strategy and message framing. Annual Conference of The European Marketing Academy (EMAC). (PDF

Working papers:

Evolutionary psychology and retailer brands: Applying fundamental motives to point of purchase design in online retailing (with J. Redler)

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