Lachezar Ivanov

Behavioral Scientist |
PhD Candidate in Marketing 

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I earned my Master of Science in International Business Administration from European University Viadrina, Germany, where I currently pursue a PhD in Marketing.

In my research, I apply frameworks from behavioral biology to marketing and advertising. Nature of research – quantitative, empirical, based on randomized experimental designs.

Selected publications:

Ivanov, L. (forthcoming). Fundamental motives in advertising: An evolutionary analysis of Super Bowl commercials. Evolutionary Perspectives on Public Relations, Strategic Communication, and Organizational Communication: An Interdisciplinary Conference. (PDF)

Ivanov, L., Buck, J., & Sutherland, R. (2020). The evolution-similarity matrix: An evolutionary psychology perspective on cross-cultural advertising. Journal of Innovative Marketing, 16(2). (PDF)

Ivanov, L., Eisend, M., Diehl, S., Wang, I., & Karpinska-Krakowiak, M. (2020). Lethal versus reproductive disease appeals in preventive health ads: The moderating effects of life history strategy and message framing. International Journal of Advertising. (PDF)  

Karpinska-Krakowiak, M., Skowron, L., & Ivanov, L. (2020). “I will start saving natural resources, only when you show me the planet as a person in danger”: The effects of message framing and anthropomorphism on pro-environmental behaviors that are viewed as effortful. Sustainability, 12(14). (PDF)

Ivanov, L., Eisend, M., & Bayon, T. (2019). Gendering conversational humor in advertising: An evolutionary explanation of the effects of spontaneous versus canned humor. International Journal of Advertising, 38(7), 979-999. (PDF)


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