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Hi, I'm Dr. Lachezar Ivanov.

Yes, you need tactics and the latest technological schnickschnack. But this is not enough. To build a successful brand, you first need a sound strategy.

I can help your brand win on strategy and tactics.

Email me at or call me at +49 176 99734352 to discuss opportunities.  

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How I Can Help Your Brand

Market Research

How to identify your competitors and know how your brand stacks up against them

Segmentation & Targeting

How to reach the right customers with the right messages to increase conversions


How to measure and manage the attributes that differentiate your brand

Distinctive Brand Assets

How to create and manage the assets that help customers to recognize your brand

Marketing Communications

How to build awareness for your brand

About Me

After working in business development in the Berlin startup sector, I earned a Ph.D. in Marketing from the European University Viadrina. I studied the biological and evolutionary bases of customer behavior. I focused on conversion optimization through segmentation – how different customer groups respond to different messages. My academic publications include articles in the International Journal of Advertising and the journal Sustainability.

In 2019, I founded the marketing consultancy Evolutionary Inc. I have worked globally on segmentation, positioning, brand assets, and marketing communications across various industries, incl. technology, media and entertainment, and financial services.

I'm a regular contributor to major outlets, incl. I also publish the Evolutionary Inc newsletter, in which I discuss marketing and behavioral biology frameworks that you can apply in your work and life.

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